Jomy George


Jomy George Born in 1978, in a quiet town of Palakkad (Kerala, India) Jomy George was a man with a dream for the kingdom of heaven, for which he toiled relentlessly. He chose his ministry among little children, many of whom never had an opportunity come to know of the Lord. Instead of choosing a career that would bless him with material wealth, he chose a path that would bring the love of Jesus to hundreds of children. He came to the ministry through Christeen, a Catholic Church based ministry for kids and teens, in Kerala, India. He understood that children grow up into bad influences because they did not know about the goodness of God. In 1998, he moved to Tamil Nadu, another state of India to spread the love of God among the Tamil children.   He did not have much clue about which direction he should be going, he did not even know the local language. Many days he lived without food, survived on water, but still kept a smiling face inspired by the hope of glory. He just let the Spirit of God work in him in the schools that he visited, he was not welcomed. He was chased away and told never to come back. Like the parable of the Unjust Judge and the Widow in Luke 18, Jomy was persistent in knocking the rigid walls of the hearts of the authorities. In order to mitigate resistance, he decided to prepare and distribute flyers containing Biblical stories and prayers, translated into Tamil. Finally, some doors opened and he spread the fire of Holy Spirit in the little hearts and minds. After each retreat the school authorities saw the qualitative changes in the attitudes of children and this made them rethink their previous approach to Jomy's efforts Jomy's ministry Serafin moved the hearts of many youth and older generation, too. His never fading smile and innocent eyes used to speak volumes to whomever he met.  Many youngsters and older people joined in his team to bring the Kingdom of God wherever they went.   A magazine by the same name (Serafin) is published every month by his team for the kids who read Tamil. The Boy of Nazareth co-authored by Jomy in association with his friends became very popular. This book aims at pointing out the nature of  Jesus, meaning of Transubstantiation, the Trinity, and other contentious topics in Christianity This book was translated into several regional languages. He has also authored books on the lives of some of the saintly figures: Saint Chavara, who helped set up first indigenous congregation for men in india, Saint Euphrasia, who lived every moment of her life loving and worshipping God by finding joy in doing ordinary things and praying for little children;St Maria Goretti, who shows by her martyrdom how not to give up during persuasions and temptations and live a Godly life; Little Neli of Holy God, who despite her tender age of 4showed great love for Lord and Blessed Mariam Thresia, who took a vow of chastity at age 10 and worked among untouchables and the needy ot the society. His book on St Antony of Padua is almost complete. In the span of two years his team has helped financially about 30 seminarians who are/were aspiring for priesthood, to the tune of around 3 Lakh Rupees .Also, in 2016, with help of people working with him in his ministry, he launched an application called Retreat Finder. Retreat Finder assists people with finding the details of the various Catholic retreats going on in Kerala. (now renamed as  Info Catholic)   In 2006 July, he met his spouse Rosemary: she shared his vision and supported him in his missions, entirely. God blessed the family with three kids, a fourth one was on the way. In the beginning of 2017, Jomy and his team were in the process of getting ready some documentary about the Jesus is one God. Sadly, before making this dream come true, on the fateful night of February 11th, 2017, while he was returning home from his work, he met with a terrible accident and lost his life. Filled with dreams and inspirations, he was just 39 years old. He left all of those who knew him in shock and disbelief. But, as a grieving and a wise mother explained-"A person who died has only lost the body. The soul lives on. Lord cares only about the soul and has taken that person to His abode because He knows the correct time to pluck the ripe fruits before they go bad" Jomy's dream lives on through his dedicated wife, kids, friends, and a lot of other people who became a part of his journey As 2 Timothy 4:7 says, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race and I have kept the faith" Jomy ran for God, fought for God, kept his faith in turbulent times, and spread his faith to many in his short-lived life.